At the King Street location of Charleston Hemp Collective | Photo by Jonathan Bonek

The choice between taking 11 pills daily or a few drops of a hemp oil tincture and a CBD gummy  was a no-brainer for Lowcountry resident Libiss Skinner.

Charleston Hemp Collective | Photo by Jonathan Bonek

“Nobody wants to talk about their digestive issues, but after a doctor put me on all kinds of medications to control unbearable pain, I had to find out if an alternative existed – and I found it in tinctures and gummies containing cannabinoids,” she said.

“These natural products have changed my life.  In the past year, I had one flare-up and it was controlled by my CBD tincture and my Delta-8 gummy.  I haven’t needed any medications or steroids since starting this CBD regimen.”

Skinner and her husband Matt admit that everyone’s body is different, but they became such big fans of legal products made from Carolina-grown hemp that they opened Charleston Hemp Collective in Charleston in 2019.  The company now also has locations in Columbia, Savannah and Boone, N.C.  It’s recently also added some mobile stores to be able to attend events throughout the Carolinas to spread the word about healthful outcomes from CBD products.

Benefits from hemp-based products

Charleston Hemp Collective | Photo by Jonathan Bonek

“There are so many medicinal benefits to hemp,” Matt Skinner said.  “The plant may look like marijuana to some people, but it’s not.  They’re related.  Marijuana has high levels of THC, but hemp-based products have only trace amounts – or the THC can be removed in the refining process.  Regardless, the CBD byproducts that are left over are the kinds of things that have allowed Libiss to lead more of a normal life.  And for that, we are grateful.”

Charleston Hemp Collective’s Matt Skinner | Photo by Jonathan Bonek

Not only can the tinctures, gummies, salves and other high-quality CBD products at the Collective provide people with pain relief, but they can also promote better sleep, combat infection, curb anxiety, reduce inflammation and counteract nausea.  

  • Full spectrum products may include highly aromatic compounds, such as rosemary or lavender, and rich antioxidants, as well as cannabinoids from the hemp plant, which include a trace amount of THC within the legal federal limit.  Full spectrum hemp products are known to have a calming and relaxing effect.
  • Broad spectrum products include similar terpenes, flavonoids and hemp compounds, but without the THC.  Both provide CBD’s benefits.

Charleston Hemp Collective is involved in all product aspects

Charleston Hemp Collective | Photo by Jonathan Bonek

Charleston Hemp Collective works with Carolina farms and their manufacturers at every step in the growing and manufacturing process to ensure it stocks products of the highest quality and purity.  None of its products include artificial flavors or fillers.  All are third-party tested for quality assurance and to meet all government guidelines.

“We take enormous pride in working with local farms and business owners to create products that offer a one-of-a-kind experience,” Matt Skinner said.  “They, like us, have a goal of growing, producing and supporting local economies while helping people manage their aches and pains responsibly using CBD.”

Wide array of hemp products

Among the products offered by Charleston Hemp Collective:

Charleston Hemp Collective | Photo by Jonathan Bonek
  • Tinctures.  Hemp oil tinctures in dosages from 500 mg to 5,000 mg are available in full or broad spectrum alternatives in lemon-honeysuckle, grapefruit, peppermint or natural flavors.
  • Gummies and chocolates.  Our gummies can help you drift away to sleep and get the rest you need.  “There is nothing better than Delta-8 gummies for sleep,” Matt Skinner said.  “You sleep like a baby and won’t be groggy the next day.”  Charleston Hemp Collective also offers olive oil,honey and more food products enhanced with hemp oil.
  • Topicals.  Our topical-based products help people deal with localized pains and come in natural, mint, lavender and lemon scents.  Charleston Hemp Collective even offers salve sticks to allow users to roll on CBD to help manage pain or provide cooling relief.
  • Bath crystals.  Combined with salts, full spectrum hemp oil and dried flowers, the Collective’s bath crystals provide immediate release to restore your body and soul.  In mint lavender and lemon eucalyptus, the company’s lotions nourish the body’s biggest organ – skin.
  • CBD for pets.  We also make pet chews and pet tinctures to help them manage anxiety, such as when being driven in a vehicle or living through a thunderstorm.

Drop in to learn more

Charleston Hemp Collective | Photo by Jonathan Bonek

The Skinners encourage Lowcountry residents to use their store as an educational resource center to learn more about the healthful benefits offered by legal hemp-based products.  

“Our staff has extensive training about the benefits and options available with our CBD products,” Libiss Skinner said.  “We’re available for anyone who wants to learn more.  It’s important to us to share what we’ve learned in a transparent, open process so that others can see why we’re so passionate about what we do.”

  • In Charleston:  473 King St. | 843-475-4367
  • In Columbia: 504 1/2 Gervais St. | 803-851-0791
  • In Savannah: 223 W. River St. | 912-438-6960
  • In Boone: 440 W. King St.  |  828-865-4367
  • Online: