City Paper senior editor Chris Dixon joined singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett for an afternoon of paddleboarding amongst the dolphins between Folly Beach and Sol Legare Island. 

Dixon, a long-time friend of Buffett, said the “Margaritaville” musician helped him develop the idea for his book, The Ocean: The Ultimate Handbook of Nautical Knowledge.

“I used to travel with him, and wrote a blog about it from 1999-2000,” Dixon said. “I’ve been lucky as hell to call him a friend and writing mentor ever since.”

Dixon’s book, co-conceived with Buffett and co-authored with Jeremy K. Spencer, is the perfect guide to enjoying the ocean, extensively covering expertly sourced topics from swimming and boating safety, to hypothermia, surfing, kayaking, starting and (stopping) a mutiny, wetsuit 101, life-raft cuisine and tying essential fishing knots.

You can purchase his book on

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