How do you string to following together and make it funny? And by the way, they were inspired by toast. Yes, toast.

Back to the Future

Robots a la The Stepford Wives

A Rube Goldberg machine

Danny DeVito


empty movie theaters


ghost writers

meta-murder mysteries

Pee Wee Herman

Indian baseball Chicago Cubs fan who only goes to games to sing songs during the seventh-inning stretch

The Challenger Shuttle explosion

The invention of a earthquake, tsunami, cyclone detection device made from boride (a complete fabrication)

Switchblade combs

Corporate presentations followed by a striptease (by a dude)

sour patch kids (the candy)

telephone operator suffering a breakdown due to a) a devastating divorce or b) the weather

Christopher Lloyd


English taxis

overpriced English taxis

fate and causality v. free will

Slow motion fight scenes that last for 14 days

Michael J. Fox’s year of death

Ronald Reagan’s Alzheimer’s


burgling wrestlers

burgling wrestlers who play in rock bands called Snake Pit

The answer? By watching The Reckoning, the improv troupe from Chicago. They rocked tonight.

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