There was another Lizard Man sighting last week, but it wasn’t in Bishopville, it was on CBS as the very first feature in Stephen Colbert’s new Late Show segment, “Unseen Mysteries of The Hidden Secrets.” Colbert even gives his own account of a bold encounter with the Lizard Man back in 2009. More on that later.

If you’ve watched any of Colbert’s new-look Late Show over the past week, you’ve no doubt noticed that the new network Colbert isn’t all that different from the comic cable Colbert. Gone, of course, is “well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot” newsman, but the jokes in the new show definitely come from the same smirky mind. So, Colbert’s new “Unseen Mysteries” segment, full of the same on-the-nose reportage, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

On Friday, just weeks after the latest reported sighting in Lee County, Colbert shared the legend of the Lizard Man with his national audience. It might be fitting that Colbert even quoted a Florida man’s report of a City Paper check-in by Paul Bowers upon the latest Lizard Man news back in August. But it’s what he said next that really rattled us.

According to Colbert, he was the victim of not one Lizard Man attack, but three in 2009 just after Christmas as he returned a rental car to Charleston International Airport. Colbert’s allegations are some of the most detailed to date, including claims that a Lizard Man bit his compact sedan, spilled a milkshake in the front seat, and failed to refill the gas tank. The City Paper doesn’t have any record of such an incident at the airport and the host’s report of multiple Lizard Man creatures has not been corroborated by any additional sightings since that time. Colbert’s allegations remained unconfirmed at the time of publishing.

Here’s the video:

YouTube video

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