John Ondo is answering the call of Mt. Pleasant’s desire for quality fast/casual food with Kairos Greek Kitchen (1100 Bowman Rd.) and sources say it should open any day now.

The chef’s move from running his Mediterranean-influenced Lana on Rutledge Ave to a strip mall gyro spot in Mt. Pleasant came as something of a surprise when he announced the restaurant’s closure in January. Ondo ran Lana for 12 years serving his signature bolognese to a faithful fanbase.

Now he’s switching to baba ganoush and healthy Greek-inspired dishes in a concept that seems to follow the ever-popular DIY approach that’s worked so well with places as big as Chipotle to mom-and-pop shop Poke Tea House — i.e. pick a base (rice bowl, salad, pita), add a protein, top with spreads. We smell chain potential here and perhaps that’s Ondo’s long game.

In the meantime, we’re just grateful for a potentially good lunch place in the midst of Mt. P’s big box store parking lot.

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