Principle Gallery | Portrait Mode

In a world full of chaos, artist Kyle Stuckey has decided to bring the community together through the power of art. His latest show, 50 Portraits of Charleston: The Heartbeat of the Holy City, opens this Friday at the Principle Gallery and showcases 50 portraits of everyday Lowcountry residents. These 50 Charleston denizens come from diverse backgrounds, and all walks of life. From doctors to public servants, they are young, old, and everything in between. The one thing they all have in common, according to Stuckey, is that they make a positive impact on the community. In a press release, Stuckey explains: “I want to create a show highlighting the beautiful diversity that makes a vibrant community and showcasing the people that work to make this city the best it can be.” This show will focus on giving back to the community, with 25 percent of all paintings sold donated to Teacher’s Supply Closet, a local organization that provides school supplies for under-served schools.

Fri. Oct. 5, 5-9 p.m. Free to attend. The Principle Gallery, 125 Meeting St. Downtown.

Grand Bohemian Gallery | Laurent Guillot

This First Friday, why not shop some wearable art? Head to the Grand Bohemian Gallery to peruse the new Autumn/Winter designs by Laurent Guillot jewelry. The one-of-a-kind lucite pieces are handmade by Guillot in his Paris studio. According to the gallery, “The collection illustrates the artist’s experimentation of the interplay of shape, volume, and light. These wearable artworks are, to say the least: C’est chic!”

Fri. Oct. 5, 5-8 p.m. Free to attend. Grand Bohemian Gallery, 55 Wentworth St. Downtown.

Corrigan Gallery | The Monk, The Goddess and The Pomegranate

The Corrigan Gallery presents new works by Lese Corrigan in a show titled, The Monk, The Goddess and The Pomegranate. Corrigan says, “Pomegranates seem to come to me in times of turmoil and strain — perhaps an unrecognized need for uplifting color as well as the tough outer skin, that becomes more interesting with aging, protecting the soft, delicate inside.”

Fri. Oct. 5, 5-8 p.m. Free to attend. Corrigan Gallery, 7 Broad St. Downtown.

Meyer Vogl Gallery | Season Two

Charleston artist Marissa Vogl is neither an abstract nor a representational artist — she says she’s most at home when she’s painting both abstractly and representationally. Her solo show, Season Two, features work created both ways. As Vogl says, “Painting representationally gives me control and structure while abstract works fulfill my heart of an explorer. The balance of the two makes me feel like I’m on a unique journey. After painting what I see, it’s second nature to pull that painting apart and put it back together in an abstract form. It’s similar to creating a puzzle.”

Fri. Oct. 5, 5-8 p.m. Free to attend. Meyer Vogl Gallery, 122 Meeting St. Downtown.

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