Blood banks across the state are urging people to donate blood to prevent shortages during the holidays.

“Typically around this time we see a decline, not a shortage,” an American Red Cross official told news outlets.

The need for a steady blood supply is critical because some patients, such as those with cancer or an inherited blood disorder, require frequent transfusions as part of their treatment.

“We do see a drop in donations, however surgeries are still scheduled and unfortunately this time of year sometimes the weather can be up in the air and there tends to be more accidents and trauma so that the need of blood is high. There are so many gifts that people give in this holiday time and there’s no greater gift than saving a life,” an official with the Blood Connection told WTOC TV.

OPINION, Brack: Smith has leadership opportunity to quell sideshows. “Smith should do more than just assign members to committees led by loyalists who will demand bills that get better scrutiny. He should also use the power of the speaker’s office to insist that the House GOP Caucus not focus first on political red meat and, instead, work on big problems like improving public education, boosting access to health care and reducing poverty.”

In other recent news:

2024: Scott’s colleagues rave at his potential presidential bid. U.S. Senate colleagues are saying S.C.’s U.S. Sen. Tim Scott of Charleston has a good shot if he were to make a presidential bid. According to this story, “The South Carolinian carved out a unique lane in the GOP, well-liked by mainstream leaders like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell but never publicly at odds with Trump world, even when he’s offered halted criticism of the former president.”  In other Washington news, U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn says that any Democrats upset over South Carolina becoming the state’s first spot at a Democratic presidential primary just have sour grapes.

Berkeley Co.’s Cane Bay projected to have more residents than Spartanburg. The huge development is permitted for 10,000 homes, and a neighboring tract may have another 5,700. Right now, about half are “on the ground,” with an area that will have about 40,000 residents when finished, according to The Post and Courier.

Former Charleston Days Inn to become luxury hotel. A motor lodge reportedly will transform into a luxury hotel. The owners have spent more than $47 million on Charleston real estate so far.

Open Charleston Co. school board seat up for special Feb. election.  A vacant school board seat will be decided in February.

Holocaust exhibit to be in Mount Pleasant Tuesday only. The Wando Mount Pleasant public library will host the “Hate Ends Now” tour and holocaust exhibit Tuesday afternoon.

Health officials revisiting masking across nation. Public health officials across the nation and major cities are revisiting the topic of masking after a surge in coronavirus, flu and RSV.

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